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Astro medallions

Zodiac signs make their appearance at Arthus Bertrand.

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Zodiac medallions - Arthus Bertrand

Arthus Bertrand X Jordane Saget

Discover the new collection created in collaboration with the street artist Jordane Saget.

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Arthus Bertrand X Jordane Saget collection

Les Allégories

Take inspiration from the design of the delicate Renown allegory – rediscovered by our artistic director and now reissued – and explore our collection of precious jewellery and medallions.

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Les Allégories collection


Through the rich history of honorary decorations, the ribbon – with its grosgrain texture – is closely linked to the story of Arthus Bertrand.

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Ruban collection

Les Etoiles

The Maison unveils a new story exploring the star through a jewellery and medallion collection.

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Les Etoiles collection


The Royale collection pays tribute to 19th-century Paris and the sophistication of Rue Royale, the wellspring of Parisian jewellery. The gold ring curves elegantly like a precious ribbon, and is inset with a sparkling diamond.

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Royale collection


The Enlacé creations appear to ripple smoothly and gracefully. Inspired by the ribbons of decorative orders, each design is shaped by the infinite dance of a wave.

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Enlace collection


The Gloria collection stylishly reinterprets the Legion of Honour star through three different identities: Gloria Héritage, Gloria Impériale and Gloria Étoilée. Three trends, three styles, to wear alone, match, or mix with other designs.

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Gloria collection


Comédie is an artistic collection in several acts. It features a series of pendants stamped using our long-established expertise, offering a playful twist on the traditional medallion.

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Comédie collection

Miraculous Medal

Arthus Bertrand has given a colourful new twist to the Miraculous Medal. On a bracelet or necklace, the Miraculous Medal can be worn every day, alone or mixed and matched.

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Miraculous Medal collection

Mini medallions

This collection of medallions features timeless symbols such as the moon, hearts, crosses, and bears. Stamped using our traditional expertise, these small reversible pendants can be worn singly or coordinated.

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Mini medallion collection

Stella Maxima

Arthus Bertrand has given a colourful new twist to the Miraculous Medal. Worn on the wrist or a necklace, the medallion can be worn every day, alone or mixed and matched.

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Stella Maxima collection


Inspired by the laurel wreath – an iconic symbol of Arthus Bertrand – the collection’s graceful curves reflect variations in light, leaving us captivated.

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Palma collection


The bold, romantic Élisa collection is inspired by the extraordinary destiny of Élisa Bonaparte, Napoleon's eldest sister. The collection brings a modern twist to the laurel wreath – a symbol of eternity and of the French Empire – to celebrate the promise of faithful, everlasting love.

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Elisa collection


The Victoire wedding collection reflects Maison Arthus Bertrand’s heritage, and is a glowing tribute to its iconic star decoration. Its palmettes reveal an exquisite diamond, highlighting the resplendent beauty of love.

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Victoire collection