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Arthus Bertrand : the excellence of french savoir-faire

Arthus Bertrand : the excellence of french savoir-faire
Maison Arthus Bertrand infuses jewellery with modernity, combining our passion for old-world, exquisite craftsmanship with vibrant, creativity.

Since 2018, the Artistic Director Camille Toupet has been creating collections in step with the times – creating fresh, contemporary designs inspired by the star, ribbon, or laurel leaf – to rejuvenate the extraordinary history of our Maison, founded in 1803. Arthus Bertrand jewellery, which has always shared a loyal bond with the women who wear it, is now moving into a new chapter. Could modernity inspired by craftsmanship and excellence be the new elegance?

Grand feu enamelling is an increasingly rare form of artistic craftsmanship.
La gravure
Le dessin joaillier
Ancienne matrice en plâtre
Le sertissage
Les matrices archivées
Le métal gravé
Matrice Gloria
Le limage de l'or